Course Renumbering – W

WGST – Womens and Gender Studies

WGST Crosswalk
Old CourseNew CourseCourse Title
WGST 140WGST 1140Intro Women’s/Gender Studies
WGST 141WGST 1141Intro to Sexuality Studies
WGST 150WGST 1150Title IX for a New Generation
WGST 200WGST 2200Feminist Thought I
WGST 201WGST 2201Feminist Thought 2
WGST 219WGST 2219Women’s Organizing in the US
WGST 220WGST 2220Gender and Economic Justice
WGST 221WGST 2221Feminist Bioethics
WGST 222WGST 2222Reltnshp Vlnce &Sexual Assault
WGST 223WGST 2223Trans/Feminism
WGST 224WGST 2224Labor/Sexuality/Globalization
WGST 225WGST 2225Favored/Fallen:Biblical Women
WGST 226WGST 2226Inequality, Gender & Prison
WGST 227WGST 2227Asian American Feminism
WGST 228WGST 2228Women and Resistance in Russia
WGST 229WGST 2229Sexual Politics inthe ArabWrld
WGST 230WGST 2230Athletics and Gender
WGST 231WGST 2231Gender&Sexuality inthe MidEast
WGST 232WGST 2232Psychology of Gender
WGST 233WGST 2233Culture,Politics, HIV
WGST 234WGST 2234Feminist Disability Studies
WGST 235WGST 2235Women Hlth 21stC:Disrpt Assump
WGST 236WGST 2236Media, Race & Gender
WGST 237WGST 2237Gender and Performance
WGST 238WGST 2238Gender, Race, and Feminism
WGST 239WGST 2239Medicine, Race & Gender
WGST 240WGST 2240Context for Study of Sexuality
WGST 241WGST 2241Gender & Body:Vic Art&Vis Cltr
WGST 242WGST 2242African Sexualities & Cultures
WGST 244WGST 2244Hip Hop and Feminism
WGST 245WGST 2245Gender & Body in 19th C Art
WGST 246WGST 2246Transpacific Desires
WGST 247WGST 2247Population Gender &Environment
WGST 248WGST 2248Global Histories of Sex Work
WGST 249WGST 2249Women & Orientalism
WGST 250WGST 2250The Breast:Image,Myth,Legend
WGST 251WGST 2251Gender and the Law
WGST 252WGST 2252Sex, Soc Justice/Billof Rights
WGST 253WGST 2253Gender and Int Human Rights
WGST 254WGST 2254Women:B/T Tradition &Modernity
WGST 255WGST 2255Women’s Writing After the Fall
WGST 256WGST 2256Decolonizing Feminism
WGST 257WGST 2257Challenging Pride:Bias/LGBTQ
WGST 258WGST 2258Queer Cinema
WGST 259WGST 2259Queer Hip-Hop
WGST 260WGST 2260Violence/Gender/Human Rights
WGST 266WGST 2266Women in Amer Politics
WGST 288WGST 2288Social Transform in S. Africa
WGST 300WGST 3300Title IX New Gen: Adv Studies
WGST 301WGST 4949Tutorial: Women’s Studies
WGST 305WGST 3305Gender and Sustainability
WGST 320WGST 3320Sexual Politics
WGST 350WGST 3350Gender and Sustainability
WGST 351WGST 3351Women and Resistance in Russia
WGST 352WGST 3352Woman with a Movie Camera
WGST 355WGST 3355Women’s Writing After the Fall
WGST 399WGST 4970Senior Capstone

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WRIT – Writing

WRIT Crosswalk
Old CourseNew CourseCourse Title
WRIT 011WRIT 1143Life Writing
WRIT 012WRIT 1152Writing and Culture
WRIT 013WRIT 1131Acad Writing -Int Students I
WRIT 014WRIT 1145 (Fall 2023 only)
WRIT 1141 (Spring 2024 going forward
Acad Writing-Int Students II
WRIT 015WRIT 1150Writing and Culture
WRIT 017WRIT 1151Writ & Culture – Intl Students
WRIT 018WRIT 1161Lit & Writing – Intl Students
WRIT 019WRIT 1190Writing For Public Audiences
WRIT 105WRIT 1250Studio: Communication & Design
WRIT 115WRIT 1350Writing Studies Seminar
WRIT 175WRIT 1754Writing Work
WRIT 202WRIT 2024Beyond the Mall
WRIT 275WRIT 2754Writing as Professionals
WRIT 298WRIT 2980Approaches -Teaching Eng Comp
WRIT 301WRIT 4949Tutorial: Writing
WRIT 305WRIT 3050Studio: Communication & Design

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