Course Renumbering – U

UKRN – Ukrainian

UKRN Crosswalk
Old CourseNew CourseCourse Title
UKRN 001UKRN 1001Beginning Ukrainian
UKRN 102UKRN 1102Beginning Ukrainian II
UKRN 301UKRN 4940Tutorial: Ukrainian
UKRN 302UKRN 4941Tutorl:Beginning Ukrainian II
UKRN 303UKRN 4942Tutorial: Intermed Ukrainian
UKRN 304UKRN 4943Tutorial:Interm Ukrainian II
UKRN 305UKRN 4944Tutorial: 3rd Level
UKRN 306UKRN 4945Tutorial: 3rds Level-II
UKRN 307UKRN 2001Intermediate Ukrainian
UKRN 308UKRN 3308Intermediate Ukrainian II
UKRN 397UKRN 4946Tutorial: Prof Ukrainian I
UKRN 398UKRN 4947Tutorial: Prof Ukrainian II
UKRN 900UKRN 0900Language Placeholder
UKRN 901UKRN 7940Tutorial: Ukrainian

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UNXD – UNXD: Univ Wide Cross Disc

UNXD Crosswalk
Old CourseNew CourseCourse Title
UNXD 001UNXD 1001Science & Social Change Studio
UNXD 002UNXD 1002CoLab: Digital Mapping
UNXD 003UNXD 1003CoLab: Creative Web Design
UNXD 004UNXD 1004CoLab: Professional Writing
UNXD 005UNXD 1005CoLab: Data Visualization
UNXD 006UNXD 1006CoLab: Personal Finance
UNXD 007UNXD 1007CoLab: AI & BusinessOperations
UNXD 008UNXD 1008CoLab: ROI Return on Inclusion
UNXD 009UNXD 1009CoLab: BusinessAnalytics & NLP
UNXD 030UNXD 1030Intersections: Social Justice
UNXD 050UNXD 1050Mastering Hidden Curriculum
UNXD 102UNXD 1102Hoya Saxa: Val Self &Community
UNXD 111UNXD 1111Entrepreneurship for Comm Good
UNXD 123UNXD 1123Embody Dialog: In Your Shoes
UNXD 130UNXD 1130CBL: Social Action
UNXD 131UNXD 1131CBL: Social Action for Leaders
UNXD 140UNXD 1140(Re)BuildingCommunityPostCovid
UNXD 150UNXD 1150Facilitation Skills: Dialogue
UNXD 151UNXD 1151PowerOfDialog:UrbanRuralDivide
UNXD 190UNXD 1190Personal Narrative & Prof Disc
UNXD 200UNXD 2200Principles in Childhood & Soc
UNXD 201UNXD 2201Community Engagement:Child&Soc
UNXD 202UNXD 2202Policy in Childhood and Soc
UNXD 203UNXD 2203Contemporary Issues Child &Soc
UNXD 204UNXD 2204CBL:Theory to Comm:Eng ChildSo
UNXD 205UNXD 2205CBL:Comm Engage to Topics-Chil
UNXD 206UNXD 2206CommEng to Policy in ChildSoc
UNXD 223UNXD 2223Facilitate&Dialog: InYourShoe
UNXD 230UNXD 2950Ed and Social Justice Research
UNXD 231UNXD 2951Ed & Social Justice Fieldwork
UNXD 232UNXD 2952Ed & Social Justice Research
UNXD 240UNXD 2240CALL Global Scholars: SABR Exp
UNXD 244UNXD 2244MLP: A Health Justice Collab
UNXD 245UNXD 2245The Ethics of Climate Change
UNXD 248UNXD 2248CALL Internship Seminar
UNXD 249UNXD 2249Disability Activism & Policy
UNXD 250UNXD 2925CALL Internship Seminar
UNXD 251UNXD 2953Internship
UNXD 252UNXD 2252Speaking Skills for Success
UNXD 253UNXD 2253Health Equity Policy
UNXD 254UNXD 2254Health Justice AllianceSeminar
UNXD 255UNXD 2255Consulting for Social Impact
UNXD 256UNXD 2256Bldng Soc Impact Consciousness
UNXD 257UNXD 2257Designing Your Georgetown
UNXD 260UNXD 2260CALL Internship Seminar II
UNXD 261UNXD 2261Digital Fund. for Policymakers
UNXD 262UNXD 2262Legislative Negotiation
UNXD 263UNXD 2263Finding Your Voice
UNXD 264UNXD 2264Faith-based Advocacy
UNXD 265UNXD 2265Art, Creativity, Social Change
UNXD 266UNXD 2266Engaging DC:Archives&Histories
UNXD 267UNXD 2267Digital Stories:DC Immigration
UNXD 268UNXD 2268DC Stories
UNXD 269UNXD 2269Art for the Emergency
UNXD 270UNXD 2270How to Frame a Legal Argument
UNXD 272UNXD 2272Slavery, Memory, Reconc. @ GU
UNXD 275UNXD 2275Entrepreneurship Immersion Lab
UNXD 290UNXD 2290Startup Internship Seminar
UNXD 295UNXD 2295Creator Studio
UNXD 296UNXD 2296Content E’ship: Book Creation
UNXD 297UNXD 22971stGenExp—Design Yr Georgetown
UNXD 299UNXD 2299Brain & Exper of Beauty in Art
UNXD 300UNXD 3960CALL City Seminar
UNXD 301UNXD 4949Tutorial
UNXD 302UNXD 3302Environmental Law
UNXD 303UNXD 3303Washington DC, Global City
UNXD 304UNXD 3304Intro to GIS
UNXD 305UNXD 3970Urban Studio I
UNXD 306UNXD 3971Urban Studio II
UNXD 307UNXD 3307Intro to Green Campaigns
UNXD 308UNXD 3308Problem-based Tech & Society
UNXD 310UNXD 3310Technology, Justice, & Design
UNXD 317UNXD 3317Envir Sustainability&Bus Strat
UNXD 318UNXD 3318Health Expl for Common Good
UNXD 319UNXD 3319Global Perspec Env & Health
UNXD 321UNXD 3321Mental Health Stigma in Media
UNXD 340UNXD 3340Policy and Politics
UNXD 345UNXD 3345Social Innovation @ Scale
UNXD 347UNXD 3347Mediation Seminar
UNXD 348UNXD 3348Leadership Skills
UNXD 349UNXD 3349Design Thinking for Ideation
UNXD 350UNXD 3350Life Negotiations
UNXD 351UNXD 3351What’s My Story?
UNXD 352UNXD 3352Data Visualization
UNXD 353UNXD 3353Vocation and Purpose
UNXD 354UNXD 3354Organizational Behavior
UNXD 355UNXD 3355Environmental Stewardship
UNXD 356UNXD 3356Intentional Work
UNXD 357UNXD 3357Leading Ethically
UNXD 358UNXD 3358Taking the Long View
UNXD 359UNXD 3359Personal Finance
UNXD 360UNXD 3360Leadership for Young Professio
UNXD 361UNXD 3361Risk Tkng & The Exptl Mindset
UNXD 362UNXD 3362Creativity for Life
UNXD 363UNXD 3363Kno Your Stry,Design Your Life
UNXD 364UNXD 3364The Jane Goodall Rules
UNXD 365UNXD 3365You, Me & Us
UNXD 366UNXD 3366Mindfulness for Health
UNXD 367UNXD 3367Spirituality and Leadership
UNXD 368UNXD 3368Makerspaces and Justice
UNXD 369UNXD 3369Careers in Public Policy
UNXD 370UNXD 3370Start Talking About Race
UNXD 400UNXD 4400Freud and the Good Life
UNXD 401UNXD 4401Radical Hope
UNXD 402UNXD 4402Augustine’s Confessions
UNXD 403UNXD 4403Existentialism 2.0
UNXD 404UNXD 4404Forgotten Hum of Prisoners
UNXD 405UNXD 4405Citizenship in a Globaliz Wrld
UNXD 406UNXD 4406Flourishing in the Future
UNXD 407UNXD 4407Crit.Thinking in Critical Time
UNXD 408UNXD 4408The Educated Woman’s Paradox
UNXD 409UNXD 4409The Problem of No God
UNXD 410UNXD 4410This I (May) Believe
UNXD 411UNXD 4411Reason in a Dark Time
UNXD 412UNXD 4412What’s Next? Life’s Big Qs
UNXD 425UNXD 4425Higher Ed Studio
UNXD 437UNXD 4437Cybersecurity Writing
UNXD 438UNXD 4438Cybersecurity Communication
UNXD 456UNXD 4456Maker Hub Extension
UNXD 460UNXD 4460Encounters in Global Perf.
UNXD 496UNXD 4496Content E’Ship: Book Creation
UNXD 497UNXD 4497Content E’Ship Studio
UNXD 547UNXD 5547Mediation Skills and Process
UNXD 575UNXD 5575Entrepreneurship Immersion Lab
UNXD 590UNXD 4950Startup Internship Seminar
UNXD 596UNXD 5596Content E’Ship: Book Creation
UNXD 720UNXD 7720Dig. Humanities – Medieval Lit

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UNXP – Univ Wide Cross Disc Exp

UNXP Crosswalk
Old CourseNew CourseCourse Title
UNXP 299UNXP 2299Brain & Exper of Beauty in Art

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